About Us

XGen Cryo started with a vision to bring convenient access to a healthier lifestyle.

As beautiful and precious as life is, it is certainly not without its trials and tough times. We are human. There will be many different challenging phases whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or all the above. It could be an injury due to athletics or heavy labor. It could be sickness due to a busy season of life. It could even just be that feeling of need to take a step back and breathe. These pain points, along with others, are the exact reasons behind the beginning of XGen Cryo Spa and Wellness Center.

Our Mission

Elevate the quality of life of our team and community while creating a village of those passionate about their personal growth and well-being!

Our Philosophy/Creed

Your Greatest Investments Begin with You.


George Rishmawi

As a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina, XGen Cryo is the first contribution I desired to make to improve the Florence community as soon as an opportunity presented itself. Growing up with heavy involvement and love for the athletic, fitness, and wellness community, it was clear and inspiring to see the enormous potential for many in our area to go and do great things. XGen Cryo is to be the one-stop spot to elevate all one’s recovery and wellness needs right here in Florence, SC to help many look, feel, and perform their very best as they strive for their individual goals and dreams.